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CryptoMania began as a daily newsletter for cryptocurrency enthusiasts that provides interesting and actionable information to readers every business day (who has time to read those dense blogs and sift through all of that tech news every day?). Don't worry, our popular newsletter is still alive and thriving. We love speaking to cryptocurrency and blockchain leaders about what makes them tick – and why their projects and tokens may be the next big thing.

About our Founder

Isabelle Kitze

Editor in Chief, Founder


Isabelle started CryptoMania in her NYU college dorm room when she realized no one could explain what Bitcoin or the blockchain was in under ten minutes, and wanted to help people understand what they were putting their money into. With a marketing and humanities background, she dove head first into the crypto world and found that she loved speaking to the people who worked the industry and discovering the incredible projects stemming from this technology that few people fully understood. Isabelle grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, swimming at a national level for over a decade and making art in her spare time. Having grown up around the bizarre entrepreneurial environment that is West Coast tech, she feels right at home with the weird and sometimes incredible cryptocurrency universe.