CryptoMania is the cryptocurrency and blockchain news outlet that brings you developments that actually matter. Oh, and read about some of the industry movers and shakers that are changing the tech world.

CryptoMania began as a daily newsletter for cryptocurrency enthusiasts that provides interesting and actionable information to readers every business day (who has time to read those dense blogs and sift through all of that tech news every day?). Don't worry, our popular newsletter is still alive and thriving. We're currently expanding into other media outlets, such as video and longer-form interviews. We love speaking to cryptocurrency and blockchain leaders about what makes them tick – and why their projects and tokens may be the next big thing.

About our Staff

Isabelle Kitze Editor, Founder

Isabelle started CryptoMania in her college dorm room when she realized no one could explain what Bitcoin or the blockchain was in under five minutes, and wanted to help people understand what they were putting their money into. With a marketing and humanities background, she dove head first into the crypto world and found that she loved speaking to the people who worked the industry and discovering the incredible projects stemming from this new technology. Isabelle currently resides in New York City and will talk pretentiously about art with anyone who can stand it.

Alicia Molnar Business Development & Sales

Alicia earned a BS in Communications from Montclair State University and has an AS in Advertising from Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. She's worked in the big Apple for her entire career in the digital advertising space servicing digital agencies and clients across all verticals from P&G and Unilever, to Audi and Kia, to Sony and Samsung, to Google and Yahoo. Alicia worked as EVP of Sales for SPEAKR, and was Head of Sales for a competitor in the space securing deals with clients that included Unilever, A&E TV, and Walmart eventually changing brand perception and accelerating the company forward faster. Prior to that position, Alicia lead the NY region for PunchTab, now owned by Walmart, securing bleeding edge social loyalty programs inside many brand's social networks, i.e. Facebook, for brands that include Heinz, The History Channel, Pamper's and more. Prior to the social space, Alicia was a pioneer in the digital sale space as the first sales rep for Lycos back in 1996. Alicia has managed and lead teams as large as 48, managed the street's expectations through 2 IPO's, a Secondary, a second Secondary, a merger, and a sale. She is a foundering member of 212NYC (formerly The Advertising Club of NY) and has participated as an expert in many social media/digital events. Alicia lives in NJ with her family and is a die-hard New Yorker at heart.