Got Blockchain? The National Science Foundation is Funding the best of Tech Disruption in 2018.

Who is Anna Brady-Estevez? She’s the Program Director for Chemical and Environmental Technologies and Distributed Ledger Technologies at the National Science Foundation (NSF). Like the other NSF Small Business InnovationResearch (SBIR) program directors, her background is in the private sector with expertise geared towards the needs of entrepreneurs as they try to scale their business. She … Continued

Who ya gonna call? PolySwarm – the online cybersecurity marketplace that’ll help you when no one else will.

        Steve Bassi, PolySwarm’s CEO, wants to help you protect your software, cryptocurrency, website, whatever, from security threats. The secret? Have cybersecurity experts compete for the solution to your problem on a decentralized platform. PolySwarm recently made an industry-leading partnership with the decentralized mobile security solutions provider Rivetz, to form the Decentralized Cybersecurity … Continued

Vaultbank Brings the Best of Crypto and Traditional Finance Together

          CryptoMania chatted with two team members of Vaultbank: one of the most promising ICOs of 2018 that looks to bring old-school finance together with cryptocurrency’s groundbreaking technology. Christopher Cummock and Eric Clarke spoke to us about convincing some of the finance world’s most influential business people to hop on board … Continued

Yes, Bancor’s Project is on Track, According to Co-Founder

Bancor has had quite the year, to say the least. We sat down with their head of business development, Galia Benartzi, at Ethereal SF a few weeks ago to discuss Bancor’s success and steadfast approach towards maintaining an ICO that will survive the tempestuous waters of crypto’s mainstream rise.     Let’s get you up … Continued

Power to the People: SWARM Helps to Democratize Investing

“We built [SWARM] because you want a community that over time, participates and therefore educates each other on what it should be. Overall, we should retract ourselves from being single decision makers.”   CryptoMania sat down with SWARM Co-Founder Philipp Pieper and Vice President of Marketing Chris Eberle at CoinAgenda Las Vegas to discuss the … Continued