Crypto's Biggest Secrets From CoinAgenda Caribbean 2018


In my humble opinion...

it's a matter of time before everyone hops on board.

Zerohedge reports Morgan Stanley said:

"Since bitcoin's creation in 2009 there have been four prior bear markets, with price falls ranging from 28% to 92%, so the recent fall of 70% was nothing out of the ordinary."

That's rare, a leading bank releasing a sensible statement.

— Joseph Young (@iamjosephyoung) March 19, 2018

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Here's what you need to know from this past weekend.


always brings bright and innovative minds from the cryptocurrency world together. This year's conference was no exception and was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico (which may soon be known as "Puerto Crypto"). Here are some of the highlights from PR:

  • Financial analyst and unofficial personality of the crypto world Max Keiser gave a colorful presentation on Saturday. Keiser spoke against crypto's culture of extravagant spending, passionately declaring at one point, "When you take fiat out of crypto, you're engaging in financial assassination." Hold the Lambos, everyone.
  • When one speaker asked the audience if they were considering the move to Puerto Rico, about half of the audience raised their hands. FYI, PR has really favorable taxes for American citizens: zero capital gains tax and low corporate tax. Sweet.
  • Harry Dent, the well-established financial writer, gave a rousing talk in which he shared how crypto might be the future of money. Encouraging words from an institutional perspective.
  • This time, we saw a greater percentage of traditional financial representatives present at the conference. Not all of them were "convinced." Who cares – they'll probably be back at the next CoinAgenda in full support of crypto.
  • As per usual, there were several exciting project announcements, including a new Lichtenstein-based exchange called Mammoth, the much-hyped blockchain-based media business called Alpha Networks run by Seth Shapiro, and Bo Collins (former head of the New York Mercantile Exchange) launching the San Juan Mercantile Exchange.
  • The big theme this year was around American government regulation. The consensus? No one's quite sure, although it's becoming apparent that not only are security tokens the way to go, outside of the U.S. is looking more and more appealing (see: Europe and Asia).

Eye-Catching Projects at CoinAgendaHere are some projects that were present in PR last weekend.

Mobile data for the 73%

Siglo was CoinAgenda Carribean 2018's ICO Competition winner (previous winners include Bancor and Shopin, both of which are big players in the industry presently). The Siglo protocol attacks the issue of expensive data across the world – something that prevents the 73% of prepaid phone owners from effectively using their devices. Using specific mobile apps built with the Signal protocol, users will be able to earn "top-ups:" additional minutes to their plan during their commute or free time not spent working. Users will also be able to use basic financial services (transfers, access to credit), and the ability to invest and save from the platform (although it was not specified what form this would take). This is big. While the project may appear to be in the relatively early stages, they already have one million registered users based in Mexico and Colombia, which was a key factor in the CoinAgenda judges choosing it as the winner. Contact the company for the whitepaper.

Safer transactions for adult industries

(CRYPTO: ITM) CoinAgenda's platinum sponsor, intimate, specializes in the adult services and entertainment industry, which includes pornographic sites and callgirls. A massive issue they're addressing is financial security and continuity, reputational risk, and trust between clients and providers/business through a code of conduct, two-party escrows, and voting rights among users. User reputations can be rated and impact their ability to use and interact with the service. (Don't get them confused with SpankChain, which specializes in the cam girl industry). Like the early days of the internet, blockchain and crypto have the ability to revolutionize the adult entertainment industry, so don't sleep on this project. Their pre-sale ends next week, so check out their whitepaper before time runs out.

Coins to Watch

NEO (NEO) Chinese coins are getting more love than practically ever, and NEO is making some of 2018's must-HODL lists.

Bitcoin (BTC) Everyone has their eyes on the prize: the $10,000 mark. Some argue that the recent BTC pump is from Tether finally printing out $300 million of USD (that's a whole other story). As for when this benchmark will be surpassed, it could be a few weeks before the market is strong enough to push through the price boundary.

ICON (ICX) Icon had an impressive run yesterday (we're talking about a 38% increase in 24 hours). They were recently listed on Bihumb and Upbit, so keep your eye out for more community love and updates.

Remember, nothing is 100% safe. A 15-year-old UK-based boy proved that the "foolproof" Ledger Nano S isn't in fact, foolproof, by integrating a backdoor. Rough time.

No, you're not paranoid. The NSA tracked Bitcoin users in 2013, collecting their internet activity, password information, and their MAC addresses. Thanks, Snowden.

Square and Twitter's CEO says that "Bitcoin will be the single global currency of the internet," days after banning all cryptocurrency-related advertisement. Uh, wuut?

G20 Summit leaders discussed cryptocurrency and the results are in...nothing will be decided, at least until July. So hang tight.


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