South Korea’s responsible for BTC’s price today.😍

In my humble opinion… playing it safe doesn’t pay. “I like blockchain but not bitcoin” Google Translate: I like to sound smart, open minded and “with it while also playing it safe, without taking the time to really understand either of those things very well at all. Thanks @MEKhoko for the quote. β€” Heidi (@blockchainchick) … Continued

Bitcoin’s controversial new fork is getting buzz. πŸ”Œ

In my humble opinion… patience is a virtue. If you entered $crypto in the last few months, surprise! It can be boring. Hang in there. Alt season, moon soon, all that jazz will be worth your time. β€” ListenDestro (@listendestro) February 13, 2018 Coin of the Day Influencer marketing using smart contracts (CRYPTO: ADH) … Continued

Is regulation the end of crypto? πŸ’£

In my humble opinion… crypto-heads love to be bitter (for good reason). Hmmmm so the “evil unregulated crypto market” has only trace amounts of money laundering activity, meanwhile the “good regulated fiat market” has the vast majority of it…. β€” Erik Voorhees (@ErikVoorhees) February 13, 2018 Coin of the Day Crypto’s response to Reddit, … Continued

Is the Lightning Network enough for BTC’s rebound? ⚑

In my humble opinion… the information is out there. Go find it. Rarely do I find people that have gone deep down the #crypto rabbit hole and come out doubting the technology’s potential to change the world. β€” Chris Burniske (@cburniske) February 10, 2018 Coin of the Day Another crypto card in the game (CRYPTO: … Continued

Afternoon Edition: Our Top Ten ‘Coin of the Day’ πŸ”†

In my humble opinion… Even celebrating as a position of support what to me came across as patronizing and self-congratulatory: We the adults need to let the kids play a bit and not slap their toys down. As if we asked permission β€” Andreas M. Antonopoulos (@aantonop) February 7, 2018 Coin of the Day What … Continued

What was the SEC meeting was about? 🌞

In my humble opinion… this is big, at least for the U.S. Excerpt from Chairman of the CTFC address to the US senate β€” boxmining (@boxmining) February 6, 2018 Coin of the Day A more profitable tourism industry (CRYPTO: EBC) EBCoin is hoping to change the duty-free/tourism tax market using Ethereu’s blockchain. $24 billion … Continued

DOW vs. crypto: time to buy yet? 🏁

In my humble opinion… what matters most takes time. 2/ The opportunity to participate in a tech revolution and the birth of a new asset class is intellectually fascinating. We’re defining new valuation models and debating “what is money” as we go. β€” Ari Paul (@AriDavidPaul) February 3, 2018 Coin of the Day Staying organized … Continued

The crypto apps that may replace banks. πŸ“²

In my humble opinion… is fiat a scam? 1 USD drops to 5 cents in 100 years… SAFE TO SAY: If the USD were a crypto, it would be called: #shitcoin… Retweet if you agree! πŸ˜† β€” Alex Deluce πŸŒ€ (@AlexDeluce) February 4, 2018 Coin of the Day Use tokens to incentivize eco-friendliness. (CRYPTO: … Continued

Bitcoin’s below $8k: what’s the move? 😦

In my humble opinion… he might be eccentric, but he’s pretty spot-on here.Β  We are in a revolution against the waning power of governments and bankers. Their only weapon is sowing fear. If you give into that fear, then it impedes and delays our inevitable victory. Cryptocurrencies are not crashing. They are bending against the … Continued

No, India’s not banning crypto. *headdesk* 😀

In my humble opinion… let yourself get carried away by the fantasy of a bankless world. I don’t know if I’ve stated this before, but my bullishness is not about the #Bitcoin price. I’m bullish on the future. The future of a digital world where the monetary system has finally caught up with the technology … Continued