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eBay's crypto rival arrives

(CRYPTO: BEZ) Bezop is a decentralized peer-to-peer e-commerce platform where sellers and buyers can participate in direct autonomous transactions with one another. It was created to utilize blockchain and smart contracts in e-commerce, and to rival the services provided by eBay and Amazon. Using a proof-of-order system, buyers and sellers’ exposure of risk to fraud is eliminated, allowing for efficient and reliable trades between the two parties. It also provides users with a multi-wallet which supports shapeshift, allowing payments with a wide range of cryptocurrencies. It'll be interesting to see if Bezop will disrupt the current multi-million dollar e-commerce industry, and how.


Mark Zuckerberg, some guy who works at Facebook, included "encryption and cryptocurrency" in his 2018's resolutions.

"The world feels anxious and divided, and Facebook has a lot of work to do." These were the words written by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of Facebook (duh) referring to his New Year's resolutions: figure out how decentralization fits into Facebook's ethos and technology through encryption and cryptocurrency. Although we find it just a touch ironic that Facebook, a platform that mines and sells users' data to third-party companies, is promoting this new decentralized agenda, we're hopeful that the tech giant can utilize some of the spectacular ICOs and crypto projects that focus on consumers regaining control over their personal information. Check out Nucleus.Vision; it's a project that allows companies to provide consumers with customized offers based off of what they put in their online shopping cart. You'll be hearing more about this later, we're sure.Speaking of Facebook, did you know Ripple's (XRP) CEO is currently wealthier than the Zuck? Yeah, pretty impressive. In fact, he's now the 5th richest man in the world. Where you at, Satoshi? The problem? Well, some people think that banks are taking notice of Ripple's meteoric price rise, and are plotting their revenge. Another theory lurking online is that the Ripple boom as a pump. Not to mention that anti-Ripplers believe XRP's leading use case is for banks, not for small investors. This is inherently contradictory to crypto and blockchain's *vision* of decentralization. So, take it with a grain of salt. Ripple naysayers have been reviewing its trading volume and business plan, and think it doesn't exactly add up. Whether you believe their points have substance or not, one thing's for sure: people are clearly making a killing from XRP's performance this week.


Ether hit $1,000 – but does price really matter? A former Clinton advisor argues that it doesn't. Here's why.

Ethereum (ETH), hit $1,000 for the first time in its relatively long history yesterday to the happiness of crypto nerds everywhere. Sadly, it wasn't the boost the token needed to dethrone Ripple's status as second in market cap (for now, at least), now that the overall market cap is fast approaching $800 billion. Interestingly enough, a former Clinton Advisor and co-founder of Silver Lake Partners Glenn Hutchins encourages enthusiasts to look past Bitcoin's (and cryptocurrency in general) price. He argued that the combination of revolutionary payment methods and information transfer through blockchain is what really drives the value. Hutchins thinks consumers should attempt to understand what the heck is happening on a technical level. This is why understanding compatible industry gear is so important – a recent report found that there are currently two hardware bugs on "most" devices in the world stemming from chips manufactured by Intel, ARM, and AMD. Uh oh. The most significant danger from this? They're a direct threat to your private key storage. So Ledger up.

Oh, and before you get too excited, no, neither Coinbase nor GDAX are adding new tokens to their platform at the moment. With Ripple's insane rise to power, there was an underlying tension around Coinbase's refusal to add the token to their service. Coinbase is one of the more consumer-friendly cryptocurrency exchanges, as they recently sent a friendly and early reminder for consumers to pay their taxes on their gains from 2017. The exchange has gone from 24 customer support employees at the beginning of the year to around 180, and plan to increase that number to 400 after the first quarter of 2018. This begs the question, how important is customer happiness when exchanges are already making a killing from a variety of fees?

Another rumor to squash? The People's Bank of China is thankfully not ordering all domestic Bitcoin mining activities to shut down. As of now, the Chinese government is just a passive observer, learning from the mistakes of other pro-crypto Asian countries.

Move over, Dash. There's a new girl in town. TRON (TRX) has surged more than 150% in the past 24 hours. It's now #8 in market cap after only four months on the market.

Do you like Fantasy Football? How about the 'Bitcoin Bowl'? This week, the winners of an NFL playoff contest will receive .25, .5, and 2BTC as a reward – no matter the price. Hut!

Don't worry, South Korea's fighting back. A law firm in the country filed a constitutional appeal over cryptocurrency exchange regulations, saying they're an infringement of rights.

Coin to Watch

Flash (FLASH) is a token built for small payments and is really beginning to ramp up. It had a great day yesterday, with an 88% increase in price.
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the comfy bedding you wish you had this winter. For $56, this comforter set can warm you up as fiat continues to devalue. You're welcome.

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