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Project Highlight

the first blockchain based magazine

From the creators of Building Blocks comes Creative Crypto, the first magazine supported by blockchain tech. Once content is posted to their site (which can be visual art, written work, design, etc.), it is logged onto the Steem blockchain, which allows Creative Crypto’s magazine to earn STEEM tokens. This builds CC’s stake in STEEM and helps pay their contributors through crypto-backed upvotes. If you’re interested in the intersection of art and blockchain, then this is a fantastic place to start. Having access to editorials, interviews, and artwork, you’ll gain access to the thoughts and creations of new creatives and entrepreneurs.

Bitcoin finds some support at that always tricky $10,000 mark, as institutions trudge to blockchain adoption (even if they don’t like it).

Not to get ahead of ourselves, but we’re pretty pumped to see Bitcoin has some support at the $10,000 mark. Let’s not forget what happened last time (we saw BTC’s all-time high in 2017). Can we thank the World Bank’s sale of $33.8 million worth of blockchain-operated bonds to several financial institutions such as the Commonwealth Bank of Australia? Or the fact that Bank of America filed a patent application of a, “Multi-Tiered Digital Wallet Security” (similar to multi-signature bitcoin wallets)? Or perhaps this is just a classic bull run. No matter what happens, John McAfee wants you to “GET A GRIP!

Side note: How in the fresh heck does Bank of America hold the most number of blockchain patents in the world (36) with more on the way? BoA’s tech and operations chief isn’t even that big of a fan of blockchain, and the bank actually don’t allow their users to purchase cryptocurrency with their credit cards anymore (most banks don’t, as it’s become a bit of a nightmare for financial institutions to deal with). Blockchain is obviously treated differently than cryptocurrency here, but still…

Never fear! The chief strategy officer of the Human Rights Foundation, Alex Gladstein, spoke on why cryptocurrency helps people from China, Iran, Venezuela, India, and even America escape “surveillance capitalism.” That’s a pretty neat take on crypto! And true. Especially since only 9.7% of global transactions use cash – making it easier for governments to track what people are doing through digital transactions. On this ethical note, Genesis, a crypto ATM provider, handed out water bottles to Hong Kong protestors this week. The bottles had QR codes for people to donate Bitcoin Cash towards more protest supplies. We stan a woke crypto company.

According to crypto demigod Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s blockchain is “almost full,” with some big ticket issues that could prevent mainstream adoption. The Big Kahuna? Scalability.

New year, same ol’ issues. According to one of Ethereum’s most prominent creator, scalability is the biggest roadblock to ETH’s widespread adoption. Not to mention a huge issue for almost all cryptocurrencies. The present issue, says Buterin, is that every computer running a node on a blockchain has to verify each transaction (here are some block confirmation basics). Buterin argues that a better alternative may be to have each computer only run a fraction of transactions, which has some minor security risks. You may have heard the words sharding and plasma thrown around. The pros? Less expensive and faster transactions.

Crypto’s sexiest opponent, quantum computers, is most likely not a big threat. There have been a few instances where quantum computers have posed a real threat to signature and encryption, but as to whether or not this will be a large-scale issue is up for discussion. That’s not stopping cryptographers from preparing for the worst. It’s just like a superhero movie, except the bad guys are probably less attractive.

In Jeff Bezos’ relentless pursuit for world domination, it seems that Amazon may still be developing their own token.

Surprise! (not really) A recent survey shows that most young women found interviewing for tech positions to be toxic, off-putting, and often sexist.

How many times do we have to tell you to pay your freaking taxes?!

Coin to Watch

(CRYPTO: PRE) Presearch is your Friday morning’s research! (cringe) This ERC-20 token has had an excellent 24 hours, and while the price has been a bit on the struggle bus this past year, we still suggest keeping an eye out.

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