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#10 Let’s fix media buying


(CRYPTO: CLR) ClearCoin provides real-time media buying and selling on decentralized apps to help solve massive problems in the media supply chain such as ad fraud (which costs companies $16 billion per year). Running on the Ethereum blockchain, the ClearVision Dashboard (powered by CLR token) allows users to execute media buys with huge publishers like Facebook, Instagram, and Google, launch highly-targeted ad campaigns and track ad inventory. Their TrackICO rating is an impressive 5/5, and has already worked with the likes of Pepsi, Nestle, P&G, ExxonMobil, and more (the list is exhaustive).


Give contractors the flexibility they deserve

THOR empowers contractors by offering blockchain-based solutions to the gig economy, which is an environment where temporary positions are standard. In the current state of the market, the gig economy is highly inefficient, with contractors often not having the liberty of working for more than one company and are usually tied to a particular job during business downtimes. By establishing a network on its NEO-based blockchain platform, the founders hope to provide contractors with greater flexibility in their work life, as well as more job opportunities. For the first time, contractors will also be paid instantaneously and be able to enjoy employee benefits such as health insurances and have the option to set up their 401k funds.


Better than Apple Pay in so many ways.

(CRYPTO: STK) The market cap for cryptocurrency has reached a whopping $199 billion but there is still little sign of cryptocurrency being adopted for our daily transactions. Stack is a visionary company which will facilitate instant and borderless transactions through real-time exchange of cryptocurrencies into fiat at very little cost. It circumvents Bitcoin and Ethereums’ confirmation time for transactions by creating a channel between its users and its liquid pool and making off-chain transaction without compromising on security. Stack presents a new and exciting front in commerce where it would be truly possible to travel the world with just your smartphone and the Stack app, or its physical card. While there have been other companies offering similar services, Stack’s app is already in beta with tap-to-pay functionality and it has established an alliance with an existing payment network that will grant it outreach to some 39 million merchants.


A savings app that keeps you accountable

 (CRYPTO: TT) The lack of saving habits in households has long been a problem in America, and for most of the world. To resolve this issue, apps designed to help people save money such as Acorns and Stash have been developed to help automatically save money. Trevi is somewhat akin to these apps – except it utilizes smart contracts to offer more flexibilities in addressing the issue of discipline in personal savings. Smart contracts are used to define the terms of the savings plan in a savings campaign, ensuring that the stated utility is deposited every time the terms are met. Also, Trevi has partnered with BBVA Compass and has been hinting at special saving rates and more significant incentives for users who save with them.


Machine learning, a more efficient way.

(CRYPTO: NTK) AI has become an essential tool in business analytics over the past decade. It also requires the collection and accurate labeling of the data so that machine learning can develop at a sufficient pace. Neuromation tackles this issue by bringing market resources, the scientific community and other entities together on the Neuromation platform, on which synthetic datasets will be available to users. Synthetic datasets allow for efficient and cost-effective machine learning, which will help move along mass-AI adoption. Users will also be able to create dataset generators, train deep learning models and trade datasets and models with other users on the platform. Neuromation envisions its platform as a comprehensive service geared towards improving the synthetic data ecosystem.


Decentralized data exchange for the travel industry

(CRYPTO: TT) TravelChain is an open-source blockchain platform where users can store their personal travel data and sell it to businesses. In this digital era, data is becoming exponentially valuable; however, corporations such as Facebook and Google control 80% of all available data, leaving their smaller competitors at a considerable disadvantage. With TravelChain, businesses can purchase their user's data (the ones that are in their vicinity, at least) and utilize them for targeted marketing. Storage and sales of personal data on TravelChain also allows users to receive highly personalized travel deals, thanks to the AI integrated-platform that tells businesses the optimum offers for its customers. TravelChain invites you to join the 'travolution'.


The best way to access your medical info, period.

Have you ever gone to one doctor, and then another, only to have them ask you the same questions about your health? Or even worse, received poor treatment due to a lack of access to your medical records because they’re in a different physical location? Medicalchain is a company which offers storage of personal medical information on the blockchain. This will not only make your life and your physicians’ lives easier, but it will eliminate the risk of having some of your crucial medical information missing at a particular clinic or hospital you visit. Users will have to pay in MedToken to have their medical information populated and hosted on the Medicalchain blockchain. They will also have an option to pay a premium to have their biodata from wearable devices streamed to the Medicalchain blockchain.


High-risk investing for small-scale investors

(CRYPTO: SWM) Swarm is a blockchain based cooperative ownership platform for “real” assets; essentially, it provides people the opportunity to put small amounts of their money into high-risk investments they would normally not have access to. Their two-tiered token model, which consists of one coin providing access to their network and the other acting as a security, is a great example of how most cryptocurrencies actually work: as a currency and security. A big pro? Swarm does all of the legal work to “tokenize” each of the assets. Forbes even wrote an article about it. Check out their “lightpaper“.


Sponsored content brought to you by the future of emergency services

Guardian Circle is going to make emergency first responding more reliable than ever, using the most dependable group you know: your personal network. We caught up with Co-Founder and CEO Mark Jeffrey at CoinAgenda last week, who shared with us that there’s a massive global disconnect between the number of smartphones and the ability to access emergency services. In the US, calling 911 on a smartphone is not traceable, which effectively eliminates life-saving information. We are relying on an archaic system to save our lives. Jeffrey explained that, “We have these mobile devices which have empowered us in a decentralized fashion…it gives us the ability to look out for each other.”

Guardian Circle allows you to create a personal network of friends, family, and neighbors that will receive an immediate notification of your location if you activate your distressed alert. Your location, as well as everyone else’s in your personal network, is shared, while the Guardian Circle application organizes your Guardian Circle team’s responses. Each member that continuously Guards someone in their network, accepts a Guardian request, or answers an Alert is rewarded with Guardium, the token that supports the economic framework of Guardian Circle. You can use the tokens to pay for Guardians (such as EMT’s or security guards), Concierge Alert Operator Monitoring, or to reward someone who responded exceedingly well to your Alert. Guardian Circle is tapping into a previously unused resource in emergency response — a group of people personally motivated to help you. With the ability to save thousands of lives, this application is the future of emergency services. Stay tuned for more about this incredible service!

#1 COIN TO WATCH, highest traffic, and honorable mention 

(CRYPTO: WAX)Check out WAX, the Worldwide Asset eXchange, which allows video game users to create their own online marketplace for virtual assets and sell on WAX's platform. WAX was developed by the founders of OPSkins, the world leader in assisting buying and selling virtual assets. The project will provide a complete catalog of personal assets that updates in real time, but more importantly, WAX will help the massive body of gamers (we're looking at millions, here) who are likely to have their items stolen or pay extreme fees due to cross-border transactions. Designers will also be able to create their own virtual assets and sell them. The project is backed by some really interesting people and is looking to change the video game skins market.

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