December 4th, 2017

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Coin of the Day The quickest way to get anything on the blockchain.

(CRYPTO: CMTx) Crowd Machine was named to reflect the company’s commitment to its mission of allowing everyone in the world to participate in their own decentralized platform. It's a decentralized cloud that's comprised of three components: Crowd Computer, a decentralized app execution engine; Crowd App Studio, software integrated in the Crowd Computer which enables users to create decentralized apps without writing any code; and Crowd Share, a platform akin to Github which will serve as a repository of source codes available to developers free of charge. Crowd Computer is powered by the users running a peer-to-peer Crowd Virtual Machine (CVM) network on their devices, and device owners are compensated for powering the CVM. In a nutshell, Crowd Machine is a powerful tool with which developers and non-developers can create their own blockchain-based apps with efficiency.

Bitcoin is now the 6th biggest currency in the world – who's in and who's out?

This weekend, we saw new highs accompany the normal volatility that often is guaranteed with crypto. Not everyone has the stomach for the crazy ups and downs the crypto market provides (see: $1,000 BTC correction within one hour), although you should feel good knowing that Nobel-prize winning economist Robert J. Shiller thinks that if Bitcoin is a bubble, it will merely decrease in price rather than crashing to zero. Shiller has famously been very pro-digital currency, even going so far as to endorse them over fiat in a speech earlier this year. Simon Dixon, CEO of Bank to the Future, thinks that Bitcoin is the most undervalued asset in the world – even at $10,000. The top Reddit comment on this post pretty much says it all:

Meanwhile, Japan gave the OK for four more crypto exchanges to run in the country. Japan has always been open-minded or too relaxed (depends on who you talk to) about crypto, and still stands as one of the few countries whose government has been actively trying to integrate it into society. Bitcoin is now the sixth biggest currency in the world by circulation, at the average price of $10,765 – hot damn. I think we can safely say that big things are coming.

Another Bitcoin fork is coming soon, so we beg the question, at what point do they stop being important?

Super Bitcoin, Bitcoin Platinum, Bitcoin Uranium, Bitcoin Cash Plus, and Bitcoin Silver are all planning to fork on Bitcoin's blockchain, claiming to be improvements on the original technology. "ICO-Mania" has settled down, so some people think now is the time for the "Initial Fork Offering." Each fork will go down at a specific block (the particular equation that a miner solves in the ledger that is the blockchain), and after confirming that transaction, a hard fork will result. Thus, an entirely separate cryptocurrency will be produced. Here are two of the Bitcoin forks making the most noise right now:

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD): Already partnering with over two dozen exchanges that are based in Asia (people love their air dropped tokens), BCD plans on making Bitcoin's blockchain more private by encrypting transactional data. They're also increasing the block sizes (faster transactions), and making the transactions cheaper. Some people see it as a potential Monero replacement, although they're going to have 10x the number of tokens in circulation as Bitcoin has, which is a likely cause for concern.

Bitcoin Uranium (BUM): This one is a bit up in the air, as some community members think it may be a joke (the "official" site redirects to SONM – an Ethereum-based project). Their key selling point is that they have replay protection – something the Bitcoin Gold team already added to their project – and the block rewards have a half-life of 450 days, the same as real-life Uranium. So...we'll see.

Nonetheless, there's quite an exhaustive list of upcoming Bitcoin forks (see here), and most of them have little more than a web page and a post on Reddit. Our guess? Dozens of forks will continue to be produced until one is made that provides valuable improvements in our daily trades; although some would argue that Bitcoin Cash already offers these benefits.


Bitcoin surpassed General Electric's market cap by over $30 billion. And BTC didn't have to do any government backdoor deals to get here, either.

Sorry, Zuck. The Winklevoss twins are now crypto's celebrity billionaires. And mainstream media can't get enough.

Crypto may be confusing, but few people understood the internet in the 1990s. Here's a 1994 NBC segment titled, "What is the Internet, Anyway?"


Coin to Watch

IOTA (MIOTA) is on a roll right now, and we bet you're kicking yourself for not seriously looking at it over the weekend.

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