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A more trusted video game market

(CRYPTO: FLP) Three years ago, someone made $130,000 from the sale of a virtual item on a game called Diablo III. Today, the transactions of virtual goods sum up to $100 million annually. However, there is still a lack of an organized market, which means there aren't any trustworthy platforms or the option to cash out with reasonable convenience. In addressing this issue, Gameflip provides a blockchain platform where players can store their digital assets, and participate in peer-to-peer trades without worrying about fraud. Gameflip is backed by founding member of Electronic Arts (EA), GREE and BigPoint. Its tokens are already being traded on major exchanges such as Binance, providing players with a way of converting their tokens into fiat.


Yes, the market's looking pretty rough today, but you know what they the dip. Oh, and South Korea's having a tough week as well.

Sometimes it all happens at once. Yes, Bitcoin dipped as low as $12,255 this morning (that's a little nauseating), but some are calling it a "healthy dip" – after all, it's probably a natural correction in the market or a result of systematic selling pressure in the Asian market. For all you crypto newbies, know this: this used to happen a lot more. We're talking 45% price decreases, frequently. After the Cboe and the CME announced they would be launching Bitcoin futures, the price of Bitcoin increased for 45 days straight, which was an unusual run for such a volatile coin. We can probably thank the market hype for that. So get used to these dramatic shifts in price; after all, you need an iron stomach for crypto. Don't worry too much about mainstream media, and take advantage of the great deals right now!Let's just get all the crappy news out of the way. Korea's been dealing with some growth issues, mainly taking form through problematic security on exchanges. A South Korean media outlet hired a security firm to test the protection on five Korean crypto exchanges, including Korea's largest, Bithumb. Using "basic hacking tools," the security firm was able to hack into all of the exchanges, and access all user information and funds. Youbit had to shut down last week after 17% of their user's crypto was stolen in a major security breach, forcing the exchange to file for bankruptcy. The general theory right now is that North Korea is to blame, as the country has been dealing with some extreme sanctions that have been impacting their economy. Newly proposed sanctions involving Russia and China could push North Korea into even deeper financial trouble. Ok, we're done with the upsetting news now. The takeaway? Meditate, grab your paper bag to hyperventilate into, and relax as everyone waits out the storm.

And now for something completely different: a bank improving market sentiment (wait, what?).

Goldman Sachs (GS) is planning on launching a cryptocurrency trading desk in the new year, most likely in the early summer of 2018. Sweet. As most of us know, Goldman Sachs has always been a bit more pro-crypto than say, JPMorgan (duh). Although GS CEO Lloyd Blankfein tweeted a few months ago that GS would be looking into Bitcoin, he spoke very conservatively of it on Bloomberg Television a few weeks ago. Saying the currency was still a bit too volatile for his taste, Blankfein claimed that GS didn't need "a Bitcoin strategy" quite yet. Hm. Well, it appears as if that feeling has changed quite considerably. If you'd like to see two older men try and comprehend the idea of a Bitcoin strategy in a smaller and larger context, watch below.


The Chicago Board Options Exchange (Cboe), one of two exchanges currently running their own Bitcoin futures contracts, has now filed for six Bitcoin ETFs this week. Pretty impressive, especially considering their futures contracts were only launch eleven days ago. Oh, and Julian Assange, famed founder of Wikileaks, encouraged his Twitter audience earlier this week to donate to his cause in cryptocurrency. This is primarily due to the fact that American intelligence (AKA, the US government) has been making it difficult for donors to send Wikileaks donations. Turns out the US government is only making their crypto headaches worse. Oops.


By the way, "Bitcoin Core" is the OG Bitcoin, BTC. It's the term that many pro-Bitcoin Casher's are using to differentiate the two currencies.

Check out this controversial interview that Roger Ver gave about Bitcoin. It gives an interesting pro-Bitcoin Cash perspective that not everyone is loving.



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Coin to Watch

Uh, so, the market's clearly looking a little sad today. We're talking, red in the top *92* coins. Yikes. So, let's look at the promising opportunities here. Dash (DASH) is back down closer to $900, which is a nice price to consider buying at. Granted, most of the tokens are as of right now.

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