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Digitized identity verification

(CRYPTO: KEY) Despite the high level of technology available to us today, identity verification remains heavily reliant on physical documents, making it highly inefficient. Selfkey is the brainchild of Standard Chartered bank and KYC Chain (a FinTech company) which gives individuals full control of their identities. Individuals can store their digital identity attributes and documents on Selfkey’s identity wallet on their mobile devices and receive confirmation of the documents from certifiers such as notaries and governments. The digitized identity can then be shared with third-parties for identity verification, such as a bank when opening a new account. Selfkey offers a future in where you no longer have to rummage through our personal documents before applications involving identity verification.


Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum's founder, threatened to quit the crypto community if they don't get their sh*t together.


Here's something we didn't expect! It seems that Vitalik's a little fed up with the crypto lambos and insane wealth flaunting, saying that the majority of the crypto community is missing the social and economic implications of the technology. Buterin has threatened to leave the community, although we're not sure what that would even look like. An outcropping of crypto enthusiasts flaunting their wealth on social media (such as the YouTube video "I just bought a Lamborghini with Bitcoin ") have emerged.


Buterin later clarified that he wasn't upset by the memes or the flagrant wealth sharing, but that he felt the majority of the crypto community's social presence was taking form through these destructive practices. He said that "as long as there's also real social value that the ecosystem is working towards," Buterin will be furiously working away at new projects and maintaining Ethereum. Cryptocurrency influencers have a complicated relationship with the market as they've recently been accused of pumping and dumping coins they've been paid to promote. Apparently, one of the biggest offenders is entrepreneur John McAffee, who boasts half a million twitter followers. If you take a quick look at his twitter feed, it breaks some big rules around money and power: he does not disclose when he's being paid to promote something, and he's giving out financial advice like candy. We're not saying he doesn't provide some sound advice, but where can crypto influencers draw the line between free speech and financial advice?

According to a top investor, crypto is here to stay. Even if it doesn't pass "the smell test."

There's practically no doubt that Bitcoin and blockchain will live to see another year, a decade or perhaps even century after the stellar year crypto's had. While plenty of money is being passed around, there's been a fair amount of disillusionment, which is something we've discussed before. ICO-mania put crypto in the hot seat both within mainstream media and legal debates. There's a consensus around initial coin offerings, which is that there will be a pretty significant decrease in volume after the numerous scams that plagued the market as well as the level of exhaustion among investors. A Massachusetts securities regulator claimed Bitcoin "doesn't pass the smell test," which is an informal way of saying something seems a bit weird for them. They released a seven-point checklist that the regulators encourage investors to look at before buying crypto, worried that people will lose their money from uninformed investing.

According to tech investor Roger McNamee, who was a co-founder of Elevation Partners and an early investor in Facebook, he believes 2018 will be a defining year for Bitcoin. McNamee claims that if the crypto mania "goes on long enough, it becomes self-fulfilling. Even after a crash, what follows is a legitimate industry." The catch? Crypto needs to stay around long enough for this to actually happen. McNamee goes on to explain that the market is still relatively small compared to the rest of the financial world. "I don't think it will be the end of the story either way." We think he's on the right track.


Congrats! 'Bitcoin' was one of the top Google searches of the year. Now if we could get the word 'Ethereum' on that list...

So you've made your Bitcoin fortune. Now what? Many successful crypto investors are finding out the hard way that taking digital assets out of the market is incredibly challenging.

Learn from your mistakes: here are some of 2017 biggest 'oopsie' moments, so you can make smarter and safer investing decisions.

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