These Hyped Projects Will Change Everything 💥


These Hyped Projects Will Change Everything 💥

In my humble opinion...

tattoos are forever, addresses are not.

I heard that a dancer in Vegas has a bitcoin QR code tattoo and all I could think of was...

I hope it is a temporary tattoo because they might want to upgrade to a bech32 native segwit address to save on fees. Also address re-use is poor privacy.

— Andreas M. Antonopoulos (@aantonop) February 28, 2018

(NSFW photos of said dancer, here)

Coins of the DayHere are some projects making waves.


 "the digital currency for everyone"

(CRYPTO: ECO) Eco may be one of 2018's most hyped coin. Created by Uber's co-founder, Garrett Camp, it's yet another payment platform that's getting an incredible amount of press with its new and improved payment system. The project claims that the platform will make it much easier to send money to other people (it seems that voice command may take a role here, as well), and will also fund community projects through the platform. Overall, it's proclamation that Eco is "the digital currency for everyone" sounds very similar to Bitcoin's original aspirations, except Eco has the Silicon Valley sex appeal and an impressively experienced team behind them. Another plus? They're not reliant on other blockchains for transactions (we're looking at you, ERC20 tokens).

Some potential problems? Eco boasts their "verified nodes" will confirm transactions/mine Eco based on a "collective incentive," (whatever that incentive may be), and will be based in universities across the world.

Also, do you notice a pattern? Techy early adopters are flocking to blockchain and crypto-based businesses. There must be something in the water...

A stable P2P crypto payment platform


 is another person to person payment platform, where users transact in nomins, which is a


: a token whose price is tied to another stable asset. This stabilization is a key selling point for the project and makes an appealing proposition for real-life usage of the product (icodrop rated Havven's hype rate as "

very high

"). The second token is called havven, which provides a collateral system and static supply to support the price of nomins. An issue that might arise is that while the project claims that they have the best qualities of Bitcoin, such as speed (although Bitcoin isn't always seen as "fast"), their transaction fees will actually increase with the network size to reward the growing number of nomin holders. Finally, Havven runs on the ETH blockchain – and scalability been a chronic issue for the platform – so growing the project may be slightly painful. Their prototype is set to appear soon, and we're eagerly awaiting the much-anticipated product. Here's their 

newbie-friendly pitch deck


Giving "eyes to cameras"

(CRYPTO: FACE) Even in the age of Apple's facial recognition software and Touch ID, there's still no sufficient solution that allows users to analyze video streams for objects, faces, or events.


 is introducing a user-friendly video surveillance software, which provides a high quality enhanced face detection, object detection and real-time video analysis software. The project is using something called fog mining, which Faceter uses to perform recognition calculations and is twice as efficient as Ethereum mining on the same GPUs. This allows the end product to be more affordable for both businesses and consumers. All source video is only streamed within its "trusted environment," and is presented in a much easier format than most video surveillance platforms – check out their

demo application here


Coins to Watch

Polymath (POLY), the securities token platform, recently held their Polycon 2018 conference, and has been having a pretty successful run since they added their token to exchanges in early February. Keep an eye out...

Aelf (ELF) entered the South Korean market only a few days ago, which will likely increase the trading volume dramatically in the coming weeks. The Asian state currently holds around 50% of the global trading volume.

District0x (DNT) announced that their much-hyped Meme Factory is coming along swimmingly (with the help of direct staking), and exciting other developments are coming up.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a favorite controversial coin that's always on our periphery. Its surprising success over the past six months has been somewhat steady, and while it's reign over Bitcoin has been a source of debate since it's inception, the community support is undoubtedly there. Ver's support for Bitcoin Cash is tenacious, so it's unlikely that he'll give up the fight for BCH's reign over Bitcoin anytime soon.

Lichtenstein (there's a country you haven't heard about it a while) may be the new digital currency go-to, with Bank Frick being one of the first banks to allow their clients to directly invest in cryptocurrency

Immediately following Coinbase's addition of Bitcoin Cash to its platform, talk of insider trading plagued the announcement. Now, a class-action lawsuit is being filed against the exchange. Yikes.

Mexico's congress approved a bill to regulate most aspects of crypto (funds, exchanges, crowdfunding, etc.). The final step? A signature from Mexico's president. Excelente!

The article that keeps getting passed around: Roger Ver, adamant BCH supporter, says that the "flippening" (ETH passing BTC in market cap) is probably going to happen


Spend your crypto on...

an apartment from a self-proclaimed "early adopter" of crypto. For 35 Bitcoin, you too can buy this Mississauga condo unit.

Daily LOL

Anybody else do this?

— Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin News (@CryptoBTCNews) March 3, 2018

my children LOVE bitcoin!

— Roy (@StartaleTV) March 3, 2018