November 14th, 2017


In my humble opinion...

there's a lot of noise out there.



Coin of the Day

Crowdsourced lead generation


(CRYPTO: SNOV) Snovio is the world’s first decentralized sourcing and lead generation service, which utilizes blockchain technology and crowdsourcing data collection. What distinguishes Snovio from existing lead generation services is that their contributors are incentivized with the reward of Snovio tokens to constantly add new data on the platform, as well as to keep it updated. With this incentive mechanism, Snovio’s services will not only provide businesses with an avenue of high-quality and updated leads, but contributors will also be fairly rewarded for the data they provide. Check out their handy chrome extension.


Bitcoin Cash had the quietest fork yet, which rebalanced the market. The quiet before the storm?

Bitcoin Cash successfully executed a hard fork yesterday, upgrading its difficulty allowing transactions to now be only 10 minutes each. Pretty cool. Oh, and in case you were wondering, no new currency was created as a result of the fork (thank God). Though this fork was relatively uncontroversial compared to other recent forks such as Bitcoin Gold or SegWit2X, it adds flame to the fire of the Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin debate; yesterday's split confirmed that BCH is putting its best foot forward to heavily differentiate from its parent token.

Vitalik praised the Bitcoin Cash team for the fork and their attempt at new approaches, which is a defining reason why he's felt, "so confident in crypto" recently. The diversification of crypto and movement away from BTC domination is becoming a reality.

According to one of our sources, (and this was backed up by many more), "Wall Street will support Bitcoin, and the public will be buying Bitcoin from them....everyone else (Bitcoin community) will move to Bitcoin Cash...when China opens their exchanges, they will have BCH trading pairs." While we're all for mainstream adoption of crypto, we don't know how we feel about 1. Wall Street's cash machine derivatives crypto operation in the near future (distributing crypto in any form and) 2. China's relative control of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash's mining (especially when they're a relatively, um, controlling country).

The international love for crypto keeps pouring in. And we're loving it.

International support for crypto has been practically nonstop recently, and we're relishing in the beautiful light that is the beginning of *mainstream understanding of the glory that is crypto*. The big news of yesterday was that the CME CEO announced that Bitcoin futures will be added to their service in early December – WOW. While we appreciate the support, we're not quite sure what to make of his comments that stated he's "not going to let [Bitcoin's price] go to zero", seeing as crypto is decentralized, and thus, an uncontrollable currency. A+ for enthusiasm.

The Central Bank of Brazil is working hard on a distributed ledger platform, a mere few months after stopping a blockchain development project because the tech was "too immature." They're kind of jumping on the bandwagon, but we're into it. Australia, on the other hand, is welcoming crypto with open arms, with Bitcoin ATMs being installed at a rapid pace around the country.


Why are only 4% of Bitcoin users women? Well, maybe developers should expand their horizons beyond Womencoin.

Planning on moving to Russia for a crypto mining operation? You're in luck! Scientists have found the best Russian city for that.

Did you notice a crazy dip in Bitcoin on Friday? Well there was a single person responsible for that. Crazy.

Coin to Watch 

OmiseGO (OMG) has been on a wild ride recently, no doubt helped by co-founder's strong presence and thoughts on the forks as of late.


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You can't win if you're impatient.