November 15th, 2017

In my humble opinion...

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Coin of the Day Your bandwidth has unused potential (wait, what?)

(CRYPTO: PRIX) Did you know that most people only use 90% of the internet bandwidth they pay for? The chances are, you are one of them. Don't worry, because Privatix lets you sell your unused bandwidth. Privatix was founded with the goal of addressing the issues of internet censorship, cybersecurity, and slow connection speeds. It strives to do so with a decentralized peer-to-peer VPN network on the blockchain. Customers can purchase extra bandwidth directly from users who have pre-paid, underutilized bandwidth available from their internet service providers. In contrast to existing VPNs, Privatix’s network is decentralized, providing protection for user’s privacy and data.


We don't like to do price predictions but traditional financial institutions sure do. And the market is loving it.

It's hard not to acknowledge the traditional financial institutions' thoughts around Bitcoin's future price. After the *explosive* announcement that CME Group with launch Bitcoin futures by the second week of December, people started to freak out – and the general public began to take this step pretty seriously. Yesterday, it was announced that Reality Shares is working with Nasdaq to launch an index tracking company called "Reality Shares Nasdaq Blockchain Economy Index". If formalities are what it takes to legitimize crypto, then the finance world will provide that.

You know things are going well when the market starts to rope in the traditional finance institutions. Billionare hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz said that he's planning on adding crypto to his portfolio as soon as the futures service is launched, although we suspect he might already be in the game (as any financially literate person appears to be). Seems like this kind of news is making people more comfortable with investing in crypto. It's on the tip of the iceberg.


ICOs finally got some good press yesterday, with Russia on board (at last).

Yes, you heard that right. ICOs are getting the love they deserve (which of course lumps in token sales as well). A senior official at Russia's central bank announced that ICOs could be a fantastic source of fundraising for startups. The bank is apparently hoping to "support the development" of blockchain funding because of the "tremendous potential" it provides the country. Duh. If you remember, Russia hasn't had the most consistent history with crypto, but it's nice to see the them come out of their tentative position on a stronger note.

Check out this video with Miko Matsumara, the co-founder of the Evercoin Cryptocurrency Exchange. We've spoken with him before, and appreciate the effort he's been through to put a more...judicious face to the crypto industry.

Oh, and the world's first initial coin offering "by a company with an actual product" by the name of OPSkins is offering a token called "WAX", (Worldwide Asset eXchange) which has been doing ridiculously well. They've raised over $40 million and are boosting the industry in one of the most blockchain and crypto-friendly spaces in the world: gaming. Get ready.

If you need to laugh (and learn) today: "I'll Give You My Bitcoin When You Pry It From My Cold, Dead Hands."

No, China is not banning mining despite previously reports.

Coin to Watch 

Ethereum (ETH) had a great day today, and Vitalik has been receiving a lot of love this week besides the whole Parity debacle.

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