November 17th, 2017

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Coin of the Day

The best way to access your medical info, period.

(CRYPTO: MedChain) Have ever gone to one doctor, and then another, only have been asked the same questions on your health? Or even worse, received poor treatment due to a lack of access to your medical records because they're in a different physical location? Medicalchain is a company which offers storage of personal medical information on the blockchain. This will not only make your life and your physicians’ lives easier, but it will eliminate the risk of having some of your crucial medical information missing at a particular clinic or hospital you visit. Users will have to pay in MedToken to have their medical information populated and hosted on the Medicalchain blockchain. They will also have an option to pay a premium to have their biodata from wearable devices streamed to the Medicalchain blockchain.


Bitcoin's price surges past $8,000, thanks to Wall Street starting to "back up the truck" for Bitcoin, coupled with Venezuela's financial fall from grace.


Well, it happened. Bitcoin hit $8,020 on Bitfinex on Wednesday thanks to a flurry of positive news from Wall Street concerning futures prices, efforts to accumulate Bitcoin for year-end financial statements, and Venezuela's financial issues. Almost immediately after Venezuela failed to repay its debt on time (thus triggering its Credit Default Swap), Bitcoin's price shot up $500, creating a new all-time high for the token over $8k. Over 100,000 citizens of Venezuela are now mining cryptocurrency, as faith in the country's fiat has rightfully dwindled significantly. Bitcoin isn't just some high-risk asset these people are playing around with; it's becoming an essential aspect of their lives, and providing a surprisingly stable way to pay for necessities such as food and water.

It probably didn't hurt that Wall Street freaked out about the likely launch of Bitcoin futures in mid-December, with the Interactive Broker's chairman posting an advertisement in the Wall Street Journal on November 14th. A favorite quote of ours is: “The products and their markets have existed for fewer than 10 years and bear little if any relationship to any economic circumstance or reality in the world.” Sounds like something else, doesn't it? ($)


Bitcoin Cash's price roller coaster is creating a chaotic war in the crypto community. Here's why.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC) had a correction in the past few days, due to a combination of factors. First, let's remember that BCH has delivered a 3x return in the past couple months up from around $300.00. Bravo. Yesterday, the exchange Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange (BitMEX) dropped Bitcoin Cash, explaining that they would replace all users' BCH with Bitcoin due to their relatively strict policies on forks (i.e. their distaste for lack of notice and ease of differentiation/use). BitMEX is the biggest crypto exchange by volume in the world – and it's a big deal that they dropped BCH, even though they've never been a big fan of forks in the first place. This announcement comes only one day after the exchange giant declared their decision to add Bitcoin Cash futures to their arsenal; a surprising and slightly sketchy move on their part.Almost in response, Bitcoin Cash was added to the exchanges eToro and Bitstamp; it won't go down without a fight. The conversation about Bitcoin Cash exceeded any talk about stocks in Twitter yesterday. It's not hard to see why.



Oh, the irony. JP Morgan was busted for money laundering in Switzerland, a few months after their CEO said Bitcoin was a money laundering tool. LOL.

$196,000: the magic number at which most American Bitcoin users are OK selling at. We're in it for the long run, baby.

Forks are a financial blessing and a tax curse. Here's what you should know about "air dropped" money.

Coin to Watch 

Dash (DASH) has been relatively consistent recently. If you need a calming moment, check out their charts.


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