November 23rd, 2017

In my humble opinion...

follow the charts, not the noise.




Coin of the Day The mobile payment wallet for crypto and fiat.

(CRYPTO: PYN) Paycent is a mobile wallet that can integrate both fiat and high liquidity cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. This is great for those who carry a large part of their wealth in crypto, and need a way to pay for everyday things. They've already done their homework, and have looked into regulatory licenses in the UAE and Philippines – two countries in which the company is building their initial customer base. Paycent is also taking an interesting approach to their fundraising. The company is planning to conduct their token sale over a period of four years, with eight "phases" to increase accountability and community interaction for the several year process. We're liking this new approach, which takes a longer-term and sustainable perspective on their finances and operations.


Well, well, we are. JPMorgan may add Bitcoin futures.

Well, here we are. The sequence of events is as follows: Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, preached Bitcoin as a "fraud" in early September, and the world went nuts. Like, truly crazy. People bombarded Dimon with questions as to why he dislikes the currency (the current popular theory is the threatening feeling banks have towards crypto), and he swore to never speak of it again. Now, just a few days after an equity swap with some of the world's biggest banks was successfully confirmed (tl;dr: several banks sent money using blockchain tech, and it went well – duh), and a source from inside JPM has confirmed they may carry CME's much-hyped Bitcoin futures.

Some of the advantages to the futures are that they may lessen the extreme volatility of the digital currency (thanks to some handy dandy forecasting), and help quiet some of the general public's fears about the token. Though JPM hasn't officially confirmed the acquisition of the Bitcoin futures, our sources feel pretty confident about most banks embracing this new feature with open arms in the subsequent months.


It's exciting to see some alt-coins becoming big players in the real world, outside of the crypto sphere (see: Dash, Ripple, etc.).

Crypto purists, cover your ears. We're going to give traditional financial institutions' collaboration with crypto some love. First off, DASH's partnership with KuvaCash to help solve Zimbabwe's massive inflation problem is pretty admirable – and their 10x reduction in transaction fees are incredibly attractive as well. Crypto expert Max Keiser said that, “DASH is emerging as the crypto payment rail while Bitcoin asserts itself as Gold 2.0.” While it's interesting to compare these currencies to assets that currently exist in our physical world, perhaps a new undefined space will be filled with payment systems that can't be conceived right now – it's the Matrix of money.

Another token having a spectacular week is Ethereum, which may "moon", AKA, increase drastically in price, in the near future according to a recent Bloomberg interview with billionaire investor/crypto-supporter Mike Novogratz. News yesterday alerted us to the fact that Ethereum now process more transactions than any other cryptocurrency combined, including Bitcoin. Now you see why their scalability problem is spoken about so vivaciously by the online community.


Max Keiser made headlines this week with his prediction of a $100,000 Bitcoin high. We're hoping he's not far off, and preferably a bit low.

People are interested to see how the holiday season will impact crypto, in either direction. The market's looking pretty fresh as of this morning.

Ripple added Ben Lawsky to their Board of Directors, and crypto enthusiasts are less than pleased. The people behind the projects define the tone of the product.

The first Bitcoin mutual fund is coming into fruition in France, thanks to the management company TOBAM. Merci.

"Real Estate World 'Shocked to Find Out How Many People Have Bitcoin'." Better late than never, we suppose.

Coin to Watch

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was up a startling 25% last night. Word on the street is that Bitcoin Cash is supported by a sovereign (*cough cough China*), who also largely controls the mining of Bitcoin. They have a vested interest in the success of Bitcoin Cash in the long run, and likely won't let it fall too far behind Bitcoin's performance. ICYMI, miners are considering a move from China to Russia out of fear of restrictive crypto mining laws that could be put into place early next year.


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