November 2nd, 2017

In my humble opinion...

the hype machine is real!



Coin of the Day

Sponsored content brought to you by the future of emergency services

Guardian Circle is going to make emergency first responding more reliable than ever, using the most dependable group you know: your personal network. We caught up with Co-Founder and CEO Mark Jeffrey at CoinAgenda last week, who shared with us that there’s a massive global disconnect between the number of smartphones and the ability to access emergency services. In the US, calling 911 on a smartphone is not traceable, which effectively eliminates life-saving information. We are relying on an archaic system to save our lives. Jeffrey explained that, “We have these mobile devices which have empowered us in a decentralized gives us the ability to look out for each other.”

Guardian Circle allows you to create a personal network of friends, family, and neighbors that will receive an immediate notification of your location if you activate your distressed alert. Your location, as well as everyone else's in your personal network, is shared, while the Guardian Circle application organizes your Guardian Circle team’s responses. Each member that continuously Guards someone in their network, accepts a Guardian request, or answers an Alert is rewarded with Guardium, the token that supports the economic framework of Guardian Circle. You can use the tokens to pay for Guardians (such as EMT’s or security guards), Concierge Alert Operator Monitoring, or to reward someone who responded exceedingly well to your Alert. Guardian Circle is tapping into a previously unused resource in emergency response — a group of people personally motivated to help you. With the ability to save thousands of lives, this application is the future of emergency services. Stay tuned for more about this incredible service!

Help fund Guardian Circle through their token sale, which begins November 15th.

Apparently Bitcoin is now "legit", according to Bloomberg after CME Group futures contract. *cue eye roll*

After CME Group's announced their intention of introducing a Bitcoin futures contract, Bloomberg said that crypto is finally "legit, for better or for worse," so now we suppose cryptocurrency should be taken seriously. Thanks for the validation, mainstream media! The announcement likely spurred an even more incredible price increase, with Bitcoin hitting yet another lifetime high of $6,600. We're into that. As much as people love to hate Bitcoin, we're looking forward to the inevitable day that Bitcoin futures are featured on Wall Street. Oh what a sweet day that will be.

Russia's had a bit of a complicated on-and-off relationship with crypto, and American media is utterly fascinated with it. Some articles have somewhat over-enthusiastically claimed that Russia has become "a preeminent hub for bitcoin and other emerging cryptocurrencies," there's no doubt that Russia will adopt some form of a digital currency; it will likely be heavily regulated so as to derive profit and control from the service.

So what's the deal with Bitcoin Cash, and why should I care?

If you've been paying attention, you've noticed Bitcoin Cash's (BCH) price tearing up the charts – in a good way. BCH currently has the second largest trade volume in the world (wow) with South Korea picking up 57% of this trading. Here are some of the potential contributing factors BCH has seen a pretty significant uptick in the past few days:

  • Wikileaks is now accepting Bitcoin Cash as a method of payment.
  • Bitcoin Plug ATM now accepts BCH in all of it's Los Angeles-based operations.
  • BCH plays a big role in China, where rumblings of government-backed exchanges are being heard. Some miners even prefer and treat BCH like Bitcoin (BTC). It's surprising but not utterly shockcing.
  • New Bitcoin Cash software was released yesterday in anticipation of the November 13th BCH hardfork.

There's also a lot of confusion about Bitcoin's forks. Yes, multiple forks. Check out this comprehensive guide to Segwit2x. To condense the current drama in the crypto community: "Some users think this is a good idea, others don't." This division seems simple, but it could seriously impact the way you trade and talk about Bitcoin.


Back down, Paris Hilton. Your celebrity endorsement for ICOs could be illegal. Sorry.

Heads up Zuckerberg: the Winklevoss' Bitcoin investment is now worth more than $1 billion.

Over a million students are currently enrolled in online cryptocurrency classes. Seems a little more productive than frat parties.

Coin to Watch 

Did you watch out for Bitcoin Cash like we told you to? We hope so. As for Ethereum (ETH): the dip is happening right now, so consider this opportunity seriously before it most likely increases again.

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$7,000 is just the space craft launch.