October 4th, 2017

In my humble opinion...

It's a mind game, except the payoff is BIG.




Coin of the Day

It's like Google, but  a lot more transparent.

Presearch is creating a transparent and decentralized search engine using blockchain tech, where they reward customers for using, contributing to, and promoting the service. The project allows clearer and more delineated ranking factors and community-driven decisions. As you may have heard, Google's received some backlash for their questionable search engine result ranking system, which basically promoted their own content and pushed down what they didn't like (yeah, it's kind of sketchy and they were fined $2.73 billion by the E.U. for it). As news has begun to come out about the problem with privatized search engines, there's no doubt that other modes of advertising and online content will begin to emerge.


Anotha' one! Goldman Sachs may launch their own crypto exchange as market surpasses $150 billion.


Goldman Sachs' cryptocurrency trading division and strategic investment group are taking the next steps: they're looking into creating their own crypto exchange/trading platform. The likelihood of this going through in the near future? Pretty low. The hype around this potential? Extremely high. Goldman Sach's fixed income revenue division didn't do so hot in it's last fiscal year. G.S. will mostly likely wait out the turmoil cryptocurrency is enduring from the S.E.C., and it's decision as to whether or not digital currency is a security will heavily impact the U.S.'s level of involvement with exchanges, wallets, ICOs, and blockchain development. G.S. CEO Lloyd Blankfein had some thoughts that were well-received on Twitter yesterday.



Morgan Stanley's CEO, James Gorman, came out today saying that bitcoin is "more than a fad" and something that's "not inherently bad". A few hours later, BlackRock's CEO Larry Fink declared that he's a "big believer" of crypto. We're on a roll, guys. While it's not an overwhelming endorsement, it's a far cry from JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon denouncing bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a "fraud". While neither party has denied the usefulness of blockchain technology - almost all American banks, including JP Morgan, are doing some serious research into the groundbreaking technology. Until then, the fight continues.

Dubai establishes the first ever state-backed cryptocurrency. Listen up, America. 

In case you missed it, Dubai is going to issue the first ever state-backed cryptocurrency. The new currency will be called emCash, and is pretty much going to be used for almost everything - government services, business to customer transactions, utility bills, and more. emCash will be considered legal tender. This is big. The deputy director general of Dubai Economy said:

"It will change the way people live and do business in Dubai, and mark a giant leap for the city in harnessing game-changing innovations to improve the ease of business and quality of life."

Dubai wants to become a "Blockchain city" by 2020, and is maybe the most crypto-friendly country in the world right now.

How do you respond to someone saying bitcoin is "criminal money"? Here's how to explain crypto to your friends who just don't get it.

Oracle is dipping it's toe into the blockchain pond with a ~private blockchain~. Fancy.

Bitcoin could hit $6,000 by the end of the year, 6x it's value in January 2017. #winning


Coin to Watch 

Monero's (XMR) looking mighty fine right now, and is holding up pretty well during the dip.

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It's too bad he just doesn't "get the point". *eye roll*