September 12th, 2017

In my humble opinion...

Looks like Asia just can't decide...


Coin of the Day

The Venmo of crypto

UTRUST is a payment platform that allows users to buy and sell using cryptocurrencies with the backing of UTRUST's purchase protection program. With low fees and fast transactions, each transaction is protected from volatility by converting each crypto payment into fiat, and then given to sellers, who can then decide if they want to withdraw in fiat or convert to another cryptocurrency.

This seems likely an applicable application for both crypto newbies and enthusiasts - and a stellar option for traders who don't have a bank account. We see UTRUST being used for everything - paying rent, buying cars, coffee, etc. Check out their whitepaper.


We still don't know what's going on with Chinese exchanges. But apparently no one really does.

As of now, most exchanges in China are still live despite other reports saying they're banned (apparently an anonymous source "close to the matter" told the Wall Street Journal they're closing - we'll have to wait and see though). Bitcoin Magazine reported, China's ban on ICOs isn't catastrophic - it's "characteristic". To many traders, it's business as usual: volatility. And to clarify, China's ruling says that they are outlawing ICO fundraising but encourage firms to research blockchain...this is slightly annoying and evasive. Many Chinese ICOs are going on as planned because they are unaffected by the ruling (AKA, not considered "illegal").

This Quartz article  phrased it in a stupidly obvious way: "Even if China shuts down cryptocurrency exchanges, bitcoin trading won't stop".

Bitcoin isn't in the negative just yet, so hang tight.

A Believe it or not, right now is still a good time to buy Bitcoin. Yes, you heard me right. According to CoinTelegraph analysis, the coin isn't expected to dip below $3,700. Ethereum may take a hit due to China's ruling on ICOs - seeing as $400 million in total has been raised in initial coin offerings in China - around 18% of all ICOs ever.

In fact, it may a be a prime time to buy Bitcoin during the dip - and many are enthusiastically taking advantage of lower prices.



The Russian guy who ran BTC-e is being charged in the U.S. for money's pretty controversial, and may be a conspiracy?

The Finnish Central Bank called Bitcoin "revolutionary". This is what happens when a government actually researches crypto.

Coin to buy:

The coin Decent (DCT), which is tied to the decentralized publishing network, is currently at a modest $.70, but hit an all-time high about a month ago.


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