September 25th, 2017

In my humble opinion...

Everyone says blockchain tech is valuable, but has little idea why.


Coin of the Day

A more accountable charity donation system


If you didn't hear, charities are often financially innept or not great at their job - prompting companies like Charity Navigator and others to rate the quality of a humanitarian organization and their financial capabilities. This is why Opakeco Foundation exists. Using those trusty smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, Opakeco focuses on tackling the lack of trust and accountability people have towards charities by tracking your donation to it's end destination and use. Opakeco's Karmo tokens are used for voting on their online platform, which helps to decide where people's aid money goes.

Although they don't have a working version of the platform just yet, we're extremely interested to see what the Opakeco Foundation will do for charity fundraising, and if users will be as enthusiastic about transparent aid as we are.


No, Amazon will probably not be accepting bitcoin as payment...sorry.


We know, we're disappointed as well. Despite previous reports, Amazon will not in fact accept bitcoin as payment. There have been rumors floating around all weekend, and has been technically "unverified" for a few days now. The online retailer has yet to respond to the news, but it would be joining big online stores such as and Expedia who both accept crypto as payment. CEO Patrick Byrne has been an adament supporter of the online payment method, and was quoted last week as saying that Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan is "scared to death of [bitcoin]".

In case you didn't know, there's a website called that allows you to shop for Amazon products and pay using bitcoin. You usually get a discount for whatever you're buying, so don't be to disappointed that Amazon doesn't accept crypto just yet.

Dimon doesn't know when to stop talking. Or rather, we don't know when to stop listening.

Jamie Dimon keeps running his mouth. Last week, JP Morgan's very anti-crypto CEO once again spoke out against bitcoin, saying that to him, cryptocurrencies "are worth nothing". That's kind of an extreme statement, buddy. While this assertion seems logical from someone whose entire job and company is being threatened by the growing crypto market, these remarks came only days after Dimon was reported for market abuse by Swedish algorithmic liquidity provider Blockswater. (Tl;dr, Dimon bashed bitcoin, then bought the dip. Yeah, very not cool.) Crypto enthusiasts and a few mainstream media outlets have been calling Dimon out on not only his hypocrisy, but also his lack of justification around his ideas.






During last week's follow up interview, Dimon claimed that cryptocurrencies are "created out of thin air" (they are not)...despite the fact that all fiat currencies are literally printed by the government (also, inflation anyone?). Ok Dimon. That's cool. At least find a less transparent "reason" for disliking crypto.

Malaysia is setting (positive) guidelines for crypto while Indonesia and Ukraine won't accept it as a means of payment. Can't win 'em all.

Why Venezuela will be the first country to fully use digital currency - whether they want to or not.

Coin to Watch

Ripple (XRP) has had a pretty solid week, with the company announcing that they're opening an office in India- a country that has been using digital currencywith great success as of late.

Daily LOL

The next iOS update won't brick your crypto wallet. Wish we could say the same for your phone.