September 27th, 2017

In my humble opinion...

If you're used to being taken advantage of, you don't complain.


Coin of the Day

The encrypted LinkedIn you never asked for, but desperately need

Ties.Network is a decentralized business platform that allows traders, investors, developers and consultants to find other community members to connect with as well as discover people to work on projects with. Called the "LinkedIn of the crypto-community", Ties.Network uses smart-contracts for business transactions - whether that's financing projects, promotion, or payment for a job. It provides a safe and encrypted way to gather coders and other crypto-enthusiasts to help you with your project. By having a large public project on the Tries.Network platform, outside funders are able to come in and finance the venture as it goes along. Sounds pretty great to us.


South Korea is killing the crypto exchange market right now.

South Korea's largest gaming company, Nexon, bought 65.19% stake in the country's second biggest crypto exchange yesterday. Yeah, wow. That purchase went for a cool 91.3 billion won (around $80 million). If you think that's impressive, listen to this: South Korea's most popular app, Kakaotalk, announced they're launching an exchange as well, on Monday. The massive chat platform even has an internet banking license and a stock trading platform already. That's pretty impressive, and it seems as if they're working fast. Looks like they're on track to incorporate digital currencies into their products ASAP.

Kakaotalk's crypto exchange platform, Upbit, has an exclusive partnership with Bittrex. It seems as if Asian countries known for their early adoption are quickly trying to make up for China's loss: the crypto exchange ban is proving to be very profitable for China's economic competitors. Although how long this ban will last is currently up for debate.

Something you won't hear in the news: the European Central Bank admits they can't regulate bitcoin (and they're right).

Listen up, China and U.S. The current president of the European Central Bank clarified that there is no way to ban or regulate bitcoin.

"It would actually not be in our powers to prohibit and regulate them. We have to ask what effects cryptocurrencies have on the economy.

And guess what? More research is needed. Big surprise. The reason for his lack of interest in regulating? The currencies are currently "too immature" to be considered a realistic method of payment. According to anti-payment crypto enthusiasts, he's more than right.

In the coming year, we may see an explosion in e-commerce acceptance of cryptocurrencies as payment. Rumor has it that Amazon may accept bitcoin by October (for now, use Purse). By the way, the European Central Bank isn't a big fan of state-back crypto, as Estonia sadly learned last week.

Bitcoins will now be offered at a Slovenian bank's ATMs. Talk about full integration.

In the continuously depressing news of the U.S. rejecting crypto, the SEC launched a unit targeting ICOs and crypto. Gotta make that 💰.

Hong Kong is rolling in it. The territory has "ICO fever" thanks to China's ban.

Coin to Watch

Ethereum (ETH) is going to have an interesting month - especially with the upcoming fork. Depending on which side you're on, you should look into fluctuating your ETH levels pretty soon. That's all we'll say.

Daily LOL

Maybe it's time to break up with stocks.