South Korea's exchanges are about to get crazy. 🙊

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International internet access, without a data plan

(CRYPTO: STY) We all know the feeling: you're traveling through a new part of the world, only to realize that you've run out of that precious internet data. Styras will fix this inconvenient and potentially life-threatening problem. The project is the first decentralized mobile app (Styras APP) that lets you connect to the internet anywhere in the world with a nearby hotspot. In the Styras ecosystem, there's also a 3G router (Styras Router) that allows you to securely connect up to 10 devices with their encryption technology. You can buy Styras internet packages with Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Styras tokens. There are no shady phone plans or obnoxious contracts, and while 100% of the world can't be internet-friendly, you can feel confident that with Styras, you can be connected to most of the developed world, at any time.

CME futures and a $20,000 Bitcoin. Last year, you wouldn't have seen this coming.

What a weekend! The Chicago Mercantile Exchange's Bitcoin futures opened yesterday to a market premium of over $20,000 but dipped to around $2,000 over the course of two hours to hit the mid-$18,000 in futures price (mainstream media wasted no time throwing shade at the price decrease). It seems like people may have been a bit overenthusiastic (i.e. market fatigue). Apparently, last week's 'enthusiasm' wore off a bit, with the number of traders slightly lower than expected. The CME is offering January, February, March, and June futures ahead of the NASDAQ and a subsidiary of Cantor Exchange, Cantor Fitzgerald's dip into Bitcoin futures.

Similar to the Cboe Bitcoin futures, the CME will allow you to cash in your Bitcoin futures for USD but draws their BTC price from the CME Bitcoin Reference rate, which is an index compiling prices from GDAX, itBit, Kraken, and Bitstamp. The CME also put their respective price limits into play, which freezes trading if the price trades too high or too low in reference to the previous day's performance. These 'stops' reduce volatility...some say that could be good, or dangerous. Other crypto traders argue that a critical turning point will be when Bitcoin futures are actually settled in Bitcoins. We're hoping that day comes soon.

Check out this guide to Bitcoin futures, so you can sound informed around the office.


South Korea will set an example of how to responsibly regulate crypto while still keeping the power with the exchanges. Watch and learn.

It turns out that South Korea will not be banning crypto in any capacity, after all. In an exciting move, it was announced yesterday that over 40 companies and 14 crypto exchanges would be self-regulating to "protect investors' assets and make the listing process of new cryptocurrency products more transparent." They'll now be required to follow several rules outlined by the government, including limiting each trader to using only one cryptocurrency exchange and having to conform to Korea's Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. The response to this announcement was relatively positive, with Bithumb, South Korea's largest exchange saying that these laws will, in fact, boost the market and help with a more stable, long-term growth.

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee even went so far as to say that increased regulation in the Asian markets will help settle the crypto "frenzy" that Korea has recently been undergoing. After China's crypto ban, South Korea has dramatically picked up the slack, now processing over 20% of the world's crypto transactions. Pretty impressive. It also recently came out that North Korea was likely behind the Bithumb – South Korea's largest exchange - February hack of $7 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum, and more recently has been targeting employees of crypto companies with scam emails. Naturally, the price has now inflated to over $82 million, which reinforces one of our most favorite points to drive home: use a cold storage system that actually works.

Check out "the nutty math" that shows how impressive Bitcoin's growth is. Hint: at this growth rate, BTC's value will surpass the value of the stocks on the London Stock June 2018.

So, Bitcoin in Africa is currently trading at a 40% premium (over $30k per BTC). Yikes. The cause? Mining is super inefficient there (trust us), and crypto is extremely illiquid.

Tether (USDT), the altcoin tied to the USD, is running into some serious backlash after 300 million USDT were made in the past week. Questionable.

You can tell there's an influx of crypto newbies when sub-$1 coins are having a better-than-normal week. Welcome to the club, everyone.

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Zcash (ZEC) has had a steady incline the past few months and has developed their own sort of cult-like following.

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