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Coin of the Day A savings app that keeps you accountable

(CRYPTO: TT) The lack of saving habits in households has long been a problem in America, and for most of the world. To resolve this issue, apps designed to help people save money such as Acorns and Stash have been developed to help automatically save money. Trevi is somewhat akin to these apps - except it utilizes smart contracts to offer more flexibilities in addressing the issue of discipline in personal savings. Smart contracts are used to define the terms of the savings plan in a savings campaign, ensuring that the stated utility is deposited every time the terms are met. Also, Trevi has partnered with BBVA Compass and has been hinting at special saving rates and more significant incentives for users who save with them.

Have you been getting sucked into the FUD recently? Well here are all the reasons why the world isn't going to end, and crypto has a future with lawmakers.

So maybe you were a little freaked out yesterday by some of the negative comments coming out of the World Economic Forum (Jamie Dimon asked reporters why they were asking questions about Bitcoin when it's practically irrelevant to him), so here are some recent developments that might put a spring in your step. The fintech chief at the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) said that crypto is probably not going to cause a global economic meltdown akin to the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. The likelihood of a massive financial event is majorly lessoned as regulators in every country are starting to get pretty serious about the crypto market. So, hold your horses, Stiglitz.

TD Ameritrade's CEO claims that young investors love two financial domains: crypto and cannabis. While we can't image all crypto-lover millennials are smoking a doobie while margin trading on GDAX (although we know you're out there), it shows that these industries have been spurring financial change – in fact, it's increased TD Ameritrade's new accounts for those under 35 by 72% year-over-year. Lawmakers in Tennessee are getting pretty excited for some open ledger action, and are hoping to have a blockchain-back signatures bill put through legislature ASAP.

The numbers don't lie: Wall Street may have been behind the fall of the New York Agreement, and government officials around the world own crypto.

FYI, there's a conspiracy that Wall Street was behind the demise of the New York Agreement  – a consensus between pro-SegWit2x people and those who wanted scalability through larger block sizes – and could have brought together the crypto community in an unprecedented way. This ZeroHedge article says something incredibly astute: "By consistently throwing up roadblocks, perceived or real, to their adoption, they seek to simply slow down their development as a challenge to the existing financial order." So, we take a look at Wall Street's desperation and pity them. Because they feel threatened, and they're fighting against a cause that's both borderless and has infinite potential. Wall Street's fear is a sign that something's working.

A Ukranian study found that officials working in their government own over 21,000 Bitcoins between 57 officials. The majority of the owners are in the Odessa regional council and their Parliament. The most substantial amount of crypto owned by one individual? A stockpile of Bitcoin Cash. Roger Ver must be happy. You may have also heard that South Korea finally laid down the law concerning crypto after all major exchanges within the country failed key privacy tests, and have been given 30 days to fix their security holes. This includes Coinone, Korbit, Youbit, Coinplug, and more. A South Korean task force is now going to be launched by the government to make sure that both regulations are upheld and maintained.

Chiron Refineries LTD (an oil refinery company) hopes to sell Bitcoin ATMs to African casinos...and naturally, the stock jumped 60%.

Perhaps you've heard of Robinhood Financial, one of the most popular online brokerages is adding zero fee crypto trading. Win. 

In an unsurprising turn of events, a bunch of former BitConnect investors filed a class action lawsuit against the project after it's shutdown.

Coin to Watch 

Ark (ARK) is on our watch list today; we're liking it's December-January progress, even as the markets took a downturn.

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