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Coin of the Day Use tokens to incentivize eco-friendliness.

(CRYPTO: SET) There are problems with the way renewable energy industries are run, especially regarding incentives. Yeah, we're looking at you, America. The Swytch platform verifies and rewards renewable/sustainable energy producers, and later validates consumers' sustainable actions through IOT and smart device data. The Swytch Energy Token is an ERC20-compliant utility token helps structure an incentive system, the ability to efficiently verify and secure production data at the source, and improve public data on renewable energy. This benefits both consumers and cities, who are both consciously taking part in the eco-friendly movement.

Banks are pushing against buying crypto. You know what that means. The fear of being replaced is getting very, very real.

It may be time to change banks, not crypto exchanges. JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, and Bank of America have announced that they're no longer allowing cryptocurrency purchases with your credit card. Don't worry, your debit and ATM cards are totally fine. While their justification is pretty sound (taking a line of credit out for an incredibly volatile asset is quite risky), this move reeks of fear. Naturally, Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase said that they were currently reviewing their policies on cryptocurrencies – although who knows how long that'll take.

Not all banks are forcing customers to choose, though. Santander Group, the Spanish bank, is launching a mobile app in conjunction with Apple Pay and Ripple's blockchain to provide a peer-to-peer payment platform, digital wallet, and personal finance manager. While the application won't launch for a few months, it'll be interesting to see how they'll compete against other companies integrating crypto with a payment function, like RobinhoodEthos (check it out below), BitPay and Square. In case you missed it, some banks have been processing credit card crypto purchases as "cash advances," which are essentially expensive short-term loans.

Here's a little reminder: Bitcoin's up 729% since last February. So, no. The bubble has not yet popped. Sorry to disappoint!

South Korea's finance minister is pretty freakin' bullish on crypto, and it looks like the fight will become an Asian showdown: Japan & South Korea vs. China.

South Korea's had a rough couple of weeks. Remember that whole drama about cryptocurrency exchanges' security problems and the new restrictions for foreigners trading in Korea? We're trying to block it out too. Well, it seems that South Korea's finance minister, Kim Dong-yeon, is beginning to clear up the air up about cryptocurrency, saying that "blockchain technology can disrupt and revolutionize the world," and reiterated that the country has no current plans on restricting crypto. Kim's statement occurred during a meeting with the governor of the People's Bank of China. We're wondering if that meeting was awkward at all because China's going through a bit of a public breakup with crypto.

Yesterday, crypto-related ads stopped showing up on a few Chinese search engines and social media platforms such as Baidu and Weibo. On the surface level, it seems that the government is seriously cracking down on crypto. But the underground crypto market is alive and well, with some people thinking that the Chinese mining industry can't be stopped after it was reported that mining hardware suppliers have barely been impacted by the increasing governmental restrictions.

We're taking bets – how many people were unknowingly mining Bitcoin for a third party while they were streaming the Superbowl? Let us know (we have our own theories).

Venezuela's zombie coin, AKA, the Petro, is actually going to be ERC-20 token. Almost 40% of the tokens will go to institutional investors in their private presale. Yikes. 

Wonder why women don't feel welcome in fintech? Let's look to the North American Bitcoin Conference's "networking party," hosted by a strip club. Really, guys?

Coin to Watch 

Ethos (ETHOS) helps newbie crypto investors get into the game. Like all coins, Ethos has been sliding down the month, but their beautiful universal wallet is worth a second look.

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