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make sure you’re maturing with the market.

(CRYPTO: SED) LiveTree was built to reward both the creators and those behind the remote. Viewers have the option to invest in content they’d like to be see by using the Seed (SED) token, and will be paid royalties if the content makes it to release and is distributed. Content is curated in different “rooms” moderated by real life people who help you find videos that fall under specific genres or categories. Filmmakers are funded from both the LiveTree community and institutional media investors. Their current media library resembles a 2008-era Netflix, with offbeat titles and a strong documentary selection like, “Made You Look” (our personal favorite). While the project makes some bold claims, (they say their AI system will be able to predict how much money a new media project will make just by analyzing the script) we’re still interested to see how they’ll fare in today’s scrolling-obsessed market.

Bitcoin’s absolutely dominating the market right now, holding the highest volume since 2017. Alts are having a tough week.

Ethereum may have it worst, with some arguing that Telegram’s impending token launch will be the “Ethereum Killer,” with the death-crossover beginning to creep up. Ruh roh! FYI, a Death Cross is when a short-term moving average (50-period) goes below a long-term moving average (200-period). It looks something like this. ETH’s death crosses usually mean a long bearish trend is on its way. So, trade responsibly. Meanwhile, crypto’s most passionate internet personality, Max Kaiser, said yesterday that altcoins will never recover, which we suppose will include his own token, MaxCoin. Don’t worry, alts aren’t going anywhere.

In institutional finance land, Sparebanken Øst, a Norwegian bank run by an airline magnate has taken a 16.3% stake in the Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX). NBX was founded by the same family who currently runs Norwegian Air Shuttle, and word on the street is that the two companies will collaborate to allow crypto payments on travel tickets. While private funding for blockchain and crypto has taken a downturn (around 26% of what it was in 2018), there still seems to be an enthusiasm around accepting crypto as payment as new tech clients come rolling in. See: PwC Luxembourg accepting bitcoin as payment in October.

We all know blockchain is very ~hot~ right now, but may we suggest not saying that blockchain is “fraud-proof.”

And let’s briefly touch on why. In a recent Wired article, author Gregory Barber breaks down the argument (recently brought up again by American Presidential candidate Andrew Yang) that blockchain could solve huge issues with voting. The TL;DR version of this is that while blockchain does pose a potential solution, there are huge security risks relating to the limited number of nodes, basic fears around internet security, and it may be safer to just use paper and pen to vote. Funnily enough, this month’s local elections in Moscow will test out blockchain-based mobile voting on the Ethereum blockchain, (thanks, smart contracts!) which is very cool except the voting system was apparently hacked in a measly 20 minutes.

Asia appears to be chugging along as Samsung filed for a blockchain patent that would help improve the speed and lifespan of a blockchain-aware storage device known as Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). HSBC completed the first blockchain-based letter of credit transaction in the Chinese Yuan, a big step forward in their collaborative effort in the development of the Voltron trade platform. Huobi will be launching a less expensive blockchain smart phone next week, which will allow users to easily engage in crypto trading activity. Remember, cell phones aren’t particularly safe when using 2FA/trading. is launching its own crypto exchange. Don’t worry, Roger Ver is still helping run the show.

We’ve heard it all – from tulips to beanie babies, but here’s why crypto is not the same.

Time for the Libra beat down! A European Central bank execute claims that Facebook’s token is be “beguiling but treacherous.” Ooooo.

Never gonna give you up is what Craig Wright basically said when ordered to return 500k BTC post-lawsuit.

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(CRYPTO: ELF) We’ve been keeping a close eye on aelf, and perhaps you should too…

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