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(CRYPTO: COV) Covesting is a platform which will facilitate peer-to-peer asset management on the blockchain. Its founder describes it as being the β€œeBay of asset management” and aims to utilize the speed of execution and the transparency provided by blockchain to bring traders and investors together. By connecting their accounts on crypto exchanges to Covesting through an API, traders can share their trading activities and performance in real-time with investors who follow them, and the trades are executed on investors’ personal accounts at Covesting. The platform also offers low fees, with 2% entry cost and 18% of the profits going to traders as success commissions. Covesting aspires to provide investors with a wide range of traders to follow, including professional and algorithmic traders.

January is proving to be the month of realizing things, and it looks like non-crypto enthusiasts are learning the hard way.

It's no secret that January's been a rough month, but mainstream media can't seem to get enough of it, going so far as to re-report old news, adding insult to injury. Yes, BBC. We've known South Korea is banning anonymous accountsfor about four weeks. Take a chill pill and stop taking the banks' money (thanks). But the question remains, what's causing this pretty epic drop in the market? News hasn't exactly varied in the past three weeks – and this Zero Hedge article brings up the key point that you may be selling because you're panicking. And that's the worst reason to get out this early in the game. No, Bitcoin's not dead; in fact, Trace Mayor, the host of the Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast, thinks it's a "geopolitical weapon," and could easily become a reserve asset (any form of capital held by financial authorities, like currency or commodities). So, just forward that article to your friend who's still giving you crap for owning Bitcoin.

The current consensus around crypto in the government space? More research is needed. While it kind of feels like a cop-out, we think it's still productive for the EU to host this upcoming "high-level roundtable" with public and private sector holders to talk about a longer-term strategy with crypto. It's not just isolated to Europe – the US government can't stop ordering studies on blockchain and cryptocurrency. It's probably thanks to the fact that 6 in 10 Americans have heard of Bitcoin, with 21% considering adding it to their portfolios.

Big businesses aren't betting on Bitcoin anymore – they're moving into altcoin territory, and things are about to get spicy. 

Stripe, the aesthetically-pleasing payments processor, isn't going to support Bitcoin as a means of payment as of April. This news is pretty surprising considering the company began accepting Bitcoin in 2015 when it was still largely unpopular with the mainstream. Bitcoin's transaction times, increased transaction rates, and higher fees bumped down the demand for paying in BTC on Stripe – but there's now a gaping hole for new altcoins to work with the payments processor. Stripe's founder is very much pro-crypto (a site for sore eyes) and is keeping their options open for other cryptocurrencies that could work. We're seeing fast-transaction/low-fee coins such as Flash (FLASH), Ripple (XRP) or Dash (DASH).

If we had a Ripple (XRP) for every time the word "blockchain" was used in a banking or startup setting, we'd be freakin' rich. The only problem is that despite the tech's apparent popularity over the past year, it appears that not many people are using it. Don't worry, the interest is definitely still there; TD Ameritrade cited interest in blockchain tech as one of the reasons their first quarter in their 2018 fiscal year was so darn strong. It looks like TD Ameritrade isn't taking UBS' advice after the latter bank's chairman warned their clients to not invest in crypto because they can't make informed decisions as institutional clients (individual people). Say that to our 400,000,000% 2017 returns, UBS (okay that may be a bit exaggerated). Essentially, the products are a bit too complicated for the general population to understand, which has UBS experiencing flashbacks to 2008's financial crisis.


Best read for your friend who's freaking out: "Just Because It's Bad News for Your Crypto Coin Doesn't Mean It's FUD."

The rapper, 50 Cent, has made around 700 BTC from his 2017 album sales. Sweet.

We're sick of Bitcoin forks, but that doesn't seem to be stopping developers. The next hard fork? Bitcoin Atom.

Coin to Watch 

Scroll to the second page of CoinMarketCap to see some more positive movements in the market. We like how Vertcoin (VTC) is looking. Vertcoin is another fast transaction/low fee coin, and we feel like these tokens will prove to be invaluable in the future.

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