Will 2018 bring crypto anarchy or a boom? 🎁

In my humble opinion...

the government has been very, very naughty this year.


Coin of the Day

Machine learning, a more efficient way.

(CRYPTO: NTK) AI has become an essential tool in business analytics over the past decade. It also requires the collection and accurate labeling of the data so that machine learning can developat a sufficient pace. Neuromation tackles this issue by bringing market resources, the scientific community and other entities together on the Neuromation platform, on which synthetic datasets will be available to users. Synthetic datasets allow for efficient and cost-effective machine learning, which will help move along mass-AI adoption. Users will also be able to create dataset generators, train deep learning models and trade datasets and models with other users on the platform. Neuromation envisions its platform as a comprehensive service geared towards improving the synthetic data ecosystem.


Welcome back from the holiday season, ladies and gents. Here's what you missed: your banker cousin was wrong, Bitcoin has recovered tremendously, and Japan is working on preventing another Mt. Gox with a trading alert patent.


Well, it appears the holidays have been somewhat generous to the crypto community, with the market seeing a substantial rally and consistent price movement after Bitcoin's (BTC) sharp post-$20k corrections. We just hope your relatives didn't give you too much of a hard time about it. After all, Israel is considering a national cryptocurrency, seeing as 22% of the country's GDP is from the black market. (Uh, reality check – major blockchain use could seriously help the country). There were a few bumps in the road earlier this week, such as notorious Bitcoin supporter Mikey-Mike Novogratz delaying his crypto hedge fund, citing a conflict of interest when buying BTC for the fund, and selling it on his personal account. It seems the crypto world is doing a bit of an ethics check recently, with Litecoin (LTC) founder Charlie Lee supposedly selling his trove of LTC to also prevent further conflicts of interest. Lee's move has been perceived as both good-hearted and sketchy, and people have been marking his move as a possible security measure.

Have you no faith, Japan? The Asian giant's largest financial group, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), is apparently preparing a service that will allow Bitcoin investors to have the group track all of their crypto trading to assure that it's not unknowingly compromised. Their main client? Unsurprisingly, exchanges. This service is going to be executed through a patent-pending process where the group will simultaneously copy their customer's transactions from a crypto exchange. If the transaction seems suspiciously large or appears to be the act of a hack, the MUFG will stop the transaction and inspect it. The biggest pro? It'll provide some significant peace of mind. Some of you long-time Bitcoin traders may remember the Mt. Gox hack, which was a historic Japanese hack in the crypto community and has left many with some serious PTSD. MUFG's idea seems pretty neat after that debacle.

We're going into 2018 with our eyes open, so here are some of the boldest  predictions for crypto in the coming year.

2018 is going to be an impressive year. We're looking at more forks (like, a lot of Bitcoin forks) as well as these new things called hybrid blockchains, which seem to be a choose-your-own-adventure-style blockchain adaptation allowing users to make a blockchain public, private, more or less decentralized, or upgraded frequently. The bottom line is that crypto is going mainstream, and is going to not only go through some growing pains but also seriously kick butt. Here're the internet's predictions for 2018:

  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) will take a step back next year, especially seeing as the SEC within the United States is eagerly looking to crack down on them. What do our sources say? Get ready to see some creative new kinds of tokens that find loopholes, different asset classes, or bend your mind around new uses for crypto in general.
  • As this Bloomberg article says so...lightly, "Cryptocurrencies are hot."  There's a possibility of hedge funds using crypto as collateral next year, and the futures market is apparently giving crypto "more legitimacy." Thanks.
  • Banks are about to get even more involved in blockchain and crypto (sorry, Jamie). Thanks to the upcoming Bitcoin ETFs that will likely spring up in January on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), we're keeping our eyes peeled for this development as well as the first cash settlement period for Bitcoin futures. *cough cough insane volatility/pumping ahead*
  • Lots and lots of growth. Like, crazy growth. Novogratz has estimated over $10 billion will be invested in the market next year, and we think that may be low-balling it. Don't believe us? Look at all the banks, companies, and hedge funds that have been popping up recently. They're not here for the memes, folks.
  • So, someone bet $1 million that Bitcoin will hit $40,000 next year. Here's to hoping he's right.

We hope you watched this incredibly corny but hysterical YouTube video, 'Bitcoin Billionaire'. It's being passed around the internet, for good reason.

Conspiracy time! Some people think Coinbase may be intentionally slowing down/making BTC harder to trade so that they can promote off-chain and side-chain action. Huh.

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It seems Santa came through for Dogecoin (DOGE) this past weekend, so take a look.


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