Will Bitcoin Cash *actually* replace Bitcoin? 🙀

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Separate blockchains for stronger smart contracts

2017 has been a great year for hodlers as well as for advocates of blockchain technology, but most of the existing blockchain platforms are often tailored to specific applications and have limited use beyond their scope. Ælf is a project that offers a versatile blockchain with several improvements. It boosts commercial-scale performance, segregates resources for different smart contracts (making the security much tighter for your contract) and even cross-chain communication through multi-layer sidechains (building independent blockchains for specific applications). As a result, Ælf is able to offer highly efficient cross-chain communication and significantly reduce system congestion on its platform.

2018 is going to be the year that businesses dive head first into crypto mania, and it's going to get a bit messy. And awesome.

Ah, 2018. A year without insane ICO scams, China's all-around Bitcoin bans, and Jamie Dimon's "fraud" comment (although that will probably live in infamy). The question we get the most is what the most significant upcoming opportunity is for the crypto community. The current trend? Mainstream adoption by businesses – not just B2C or B2B, but treating all companies and customers like democratic equals thanks to the blockchain.

Monero received some serious love from musical artists, as 45 musicians like Mariah Carey, G-Eazy and Dolly Parton (we were pretty surprised by that one) are all going to accept the cryptocurrency as payment for their upcoming albums. This is all thanks to Project Coral Reef, an initiative to help a more mainstream audience adopt Monero. Three companies on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) now have connections to crypto, the most recent business successfully mining ether using solar power yesterday. Unsurprisingly, it subsequently increased their stock's price up 150%. Wowsa.

Granted, this isn't without some minor issues. Overstock.com's subsidiary, tZERO, temporarily put their ICO on hold, only to resume shortly last night. Why is this news? tZERO hopes to raise a record-breaking $250 million in their ICO, which will fund their "effort to bring transparency to capital markets through the integration of blockchain." It's...vague, but holds promise. Their presale is only being shared with accredited investors, likely to prevent unqualified crypto-enthusiasts (we're looking at you, America) from illegally participating. The mass media and information firm, Thomson Reuters Corporation, added Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to its computer software system, Eikon, that provides real-time financial data. Thomson Reuters already includes information on Ethereum and Bitcoin but is competing closely with Bloomberg, which covers BTC, ETH, as well as Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC). This is where it gets fun...but dramatic.


Are you tired of the Bitcoin Cash debate? We're not. It's just getting started, and Roger Ver is gearing up for war. Oh, and watch out for China's involvement. They're sneaky but essential.

So, you may have heard of this little coin called Bitcoin Cash (BCH). It made intense waves in the crypto community when it was first introduced during one of Bitcoin's first forks, in June 2017. Roger Ver, an early crypto evangelist, is BCH's most prominent spokesperson. The Reddit community on /r/btc (Bitcoin's dedicated conversation channel), which is now over 100,000 strong, has been claiming that bots and moderators have been censoring content from pro-BCH contributors, while others say he's a little too sensitive. It gets pretty heated. By the way, there's a detailed but fantastic overview of this entire debate, extending beyond just BTC vs. BCH issues. It's important because, in crypto,  community is everything. Check out the guide to Reddit's Bitcoin drama here.

There's still a pretty fierce divide between those who believe Bitcoin (BTC) is the 'original' Bitcoin – it was created first, so technically it was the 'original.' Then there are those who think that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the 'true' Bitcoin – the cryptocurrency that is technically and ideologically superior to BTC. BitPay, the debit card funded by crypto, announced yesterday that it would begin accepting BCH, in addition to BTC (which it's carried since the inception of the company). This prompted BCH's price to surge over the $2,000 mark and has been hovering steadily over that point.

*Etiquette education: "Bcash" is seen as an almost derogatory label for "Bitcoin Cash." You've been warned.*

We don't consider the art market a bubble, so why do people think cryptocurrency is one? Here's the argument why.

Internet-investor guru Bill Miller apparently has 50% of his fund, Miller Valued Partners, invested in crypto. Miller has some words for Warren Buffet and Jamie Dimon, who are both strongly anti-Bitcoin.

"I'm highly confident to say that not one of them had actually studied it carefully," he said during the podcast. "That is to say, they have strong opinions about something they haven't really looked at." Sweet.

In case you need to quickly remind your friends why it can be inexpensive to buy crypto...

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The market's looking pretty freakin' sweet these days. That is, when the futures don't take a dump. Anyways, we've still got our eyes on SALT (SALT), an ICO we featured a few months back.

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