Will we see a $50k Bitcoin in 2018? πŸ˜…

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The easiest way to buy and sell crypto

(DTH) Dether was founded to help bring about mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Their alpha app is available for download now and it allows you to set up your own wallet on your mobile phone, and to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies without the hassle of opening an account on an exchange or using a bank account. Dether users can also make direct transactions with other users through the app without the need for any third parties. As it is powered by Ethereum smart contracts, Dether provides a secure and transparent method of making transactions with cryptocurrencies while offering a private mean of messaging and reputations of users derived from transaction histories. Perhaps with its convenient and quick way of purchasing cryptocurrencies, Delta will help bring about mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Got the Bitcoin Blues? Yeah, us too. BTC's price has been a bit of a bummer lately, but it seems that the markets are more tied to media than we thought. 

Let's give you the news that mainstream media's not providing right now. BlockRock's chief multi-asset strategist thinks that crypto is an "interesting development" and is currently under review at the company; taking a position that the majority of the world's banks are settling into. Another bolstering aspect is that one of South Korea's largest e-commerce platform, WeMakePrice, will accept 12 major cryptocurrencies on its platform (including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others). Some of the reasons Bitcoin may be feeling a little under the weather recently? Tether (UST) caught a lot of flack this week for their auditor quitting (uh oh) and the rising suspicion of using a fractional reserve system. Weiss Ratings, the financial rating service, gave Bitcoin a C+ rating (hint: none of the cryptocurrencies received an A rating) which begs the question...has crypto not developed a real A-rating coin or is the service biased/uninformed? You can apparently track the general public's interest in crypto by how many people are Google searching the word "Bitcoin"; the more people are looking up the term, the high Bitcoin's price.

As for the volatility Bitcoin's hitting right now? It's normal and should be expected – and keep an eye out for $50,000 Bitcoin later in 2018 (yes, as in, this year). It's not just crypto that's taking a hit right now; the market, in general, is supposedly going to see a pretty significant market correction in the coming months according to Goldman Sachs. If you're interested in having your money in more experienced hands, check out our feature article on Vaultbank.

While most of the world is shoulder-deep in the rising FUD, a few nations are sticking out for their persistent optimism around crypto.

It appears that some international banks are a bit more optimistic than we thought – Deutsche Bank's head Chief Investment Office thinks that crypto will have some sort of governance that will ultimately legitimize crypto in the next five to ten years. It's no surprise – there's a growing number of institutional investors keeping an eye on cryptocurrencies, and cautioned speculative investors to work with regulators. Switzerland, on the other hand, has emerged as a future "crypto-nation" (in the words of their economic minister), and may possibly be the most crypto-friendly place on earth. Crypto-valley (the 30-km stretch between Zurich and Zug) is Europe's response to America's Silicon Valley. Keep an eye on Lichtenstein as an up-and-coming crypto haven.

So, after the whole Coincheck hack disaster, one must ask: How does one launder the $500 million in stollen NEM? Coincheck tracked down the 11 addresses that the 523 million XEM tokens are...but we don't know who owns them. Ironically, each account as  tag that says: coincheck _stolen_funds_do_not_accept_trades : owner_of_this_account_is_hacker. So much for subtly.

FYI, Zcash-enthusiasts have some pretty weird rituals. Like, collecting-nuclear-waste weird. 

The stupid article of the day: this New York Times piece that says Bitcoin is just like the tulip bulb bubble...even though it's been proven to be quite different


Coin to Watch 

Playkey (PKT) has been holding strong and steady for the past few weeks. The project poses an opportunity to really shake up the gaming industry, so keep an eye out.


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